Minerals That I bought, Swapped, And Was Given To Me.

The minerals on the next few pages are from what I had bought, swapped, and from what was given to me from friends. These are from all over the world.

Click on the link of each person to see what I got from them.

Sheffler Mine MO 05 Brushy Creek Aquamarine Mine NC My Best MT Sapphires Bunker Hill Mine ID My Cabs Charles from NC Colorado 05 Dave B. Donna Nolte WI EBay Frank Howard NC Gary Maddox Herb Hastuscheck Jack Sager WI Jeremy Petrie Jim Fetty Lloyd Brown WI Marvin Brick NY Minerals I Collected Mike Streeter NC Minerals bought & traded Minerals 2005 Minerals 2006 Minerals 2007 Mineral Swap 03 Misc. Minerals MT Sapphires More Minerals 05 Rats Nest Claim 07 Rhonda Steve Holmes Sawp 02 Trip Minerals 05 Virgil - DWS Vulacn Quarry 06 Salted Gem Stones Randy's Collection 2011

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