About me

My name is Carl Mauritz, I live in Wittenberg, WI. I'm disabled from a work related accident since 1993. I love to fish hunt (that I can't do no more :-) , travel and go camping.

I got in to Rock collecting and gold mining back in 1995 when I went to visit my one sister's home down in Burnsville, North Carolina. She took our dad, brother Randy and I to a Gem place in Spruce Pine, NC called Gem Mountain. We did a bucket of gems and I was hooked for life LOL.

In 1997 I got my first computer and I meet a good friend on Bob's Rock Shop. We meet that fall when he and his wife came up to see me on there way out west. Ed lives in GA and when they stopped in to talk he told me about a rock shop that was for sale. He gave me Bob's phone # and the next day I gave Bob a call and he told me what I would be getting. I agreed to the price and the next thing you know I was the owner a nice rock collection and equipment.

When Bob's rock shop went down Mike Streeter set up a web site for us all to post on a message board so we could all keep in contact with. McRocksNet Message Board. Other boards have been set up also like Dirty rock hounds. I have made a lot of great friends on this board. A few years ago some of us started a Get to Gather and it took off great and now we have McRocks annual cookout and rockswap every year in NC and other parts of the US. The North Carolina one is growing bigger every year with new friends. We go rock hunting in several of the local mines during this time.

I decided to put up this web site to help new rock hounds learn and to help them on their own trip planning to places to collect rocks and minerals at. I put up pictures of my minerals and Gem rough, Trip pictures etc..

I've taught my self how to facet Gem Stones and did have some help from a friend Jack Sager from WI. I facet on a Graves Mack 1 base with a XS3 #10 faceting head made by Jon (Gearloose) it is the best faceting head I have ever seen.

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