Our trip To North Carolina!


Oct. 4th - We let for KY at 6:00 AM to meet Sylvia at Edgerton, WI for breakfast. We arrived in Henderson KY at 4:00 PM.

Oct. 5th - We went to Eastgate for breakfast. Then we went to the Big Lots store to look around. The rest of the day we just sat back and shot the bull.

Oct. 6th - We left to go to Halls Gap to collect Geodes at 8:30 AM. We stopped at Shoneys for Breakfast. We got to Halls Gap around 1:30 PM, it took us longer to get there then we thought it would.

   We stayed 1 hour looking for geodes and we found

around 20 of them. We tried a different way home and it took longer so next time we

are going to camp around there some place. We got home around at 7:45 PM.

Oct. 7th - Dad was not feeling good for he had pressure in the chest so I took him to the emergence and they put him in a room for observation. They decided that he was not in for heart attack so they let him go home. We all most headed home but thank god and all of our fellow rock hounds on McRocks praying for dad everything came out OK.

Oct. 8th - We just relaxed till Sylvia got off work then we went to Golden Coral for supper, we had steaks, Ribs, Chicken and lots of other goodies yummy yummy. Then we went to BigK shopping for vacuum cleaner bags and some things to use at Donna's. After we got back to the house we had to pack the van for tomorrow's tip to KY.

Oct. 9th - We left Henderson, KY at 7:00 AM for Burnsville, NC. We arrived in Burnsville, NC at 4:00 after we stopped off at the farmers market.

Oct. 10th - We slept in till 7:30 AM this morning. We went to Smokey's for breakfast YUM YUM. The waitress know who we where right away even thou she just started back there three months ago LOL. She didn't work there for over two years. LOL

We got to Gem Mountain at 9:30 AM for out run to the Brushy Creek Aquamarine Mine. We found lots of Golden Beryl, Aquamarine, Aquamarine and Garnets that they put in there for us to get our moneys worth. Tim Baker, Randy and I where the only ones there. We busted up a lot of rocks to find the Golden Beryl and Aquamarines. About 1:00 PM it started to rain but it didn't stop us. We left there at 2:00 PM to go back to Gem Mountain. We all washed off what we found before we left. We went to Wally World to get some food. Man I'm sore from head to foot with acks and pains. After we got home I took a pain pill right away LOL.

     Tim Baker and Randy and the Brushy Creek Aquamarine Mine NC

Tim Baker and the rocks he found


Rocks that I found there at the Mine.

Oct. 11th - We went to Smokey's for some Coffee and to shot the bull. Today we are putting up pickles LOL. And spend the day with the brother in on his day off :O). We took Gary to a flea market and I bought an Eagle that lights up. Then I took a nap LOL and I'm still sore LOL.

Oct. 12th - We went down to Smokey's for coffee and meet Frank Howard. He does some of the cabing for Gem Mountain. He told us where he lives and invited us over to his shop on Monday. I told him we'll be there and I gave him a WI Moonstone. We talked to him for over two hours LOL. After I got back to Donna's home I called Mike Streeter but he was not home. I want to set up a time for us to meet him this next week.

Oct.13th - We went to Smokey's for coffee. Then I went to the library to read my emails and the board. At 10:00 AM we went to Frank's home to see his set up for cutting gems. We where there for over three hours and had a great time and he showed Randy how to cut Cab stones. He showed me some tricks to witch I'll be using my self on polishing gems. I gave Frank some Thomsonite and Randy gave Frank a piece of Golden Beryl for teaching him how to cab. I helped Donna the rest of the day.

Oct. 14th - We took Donna to Johnson city, TN to the VA. After we stopped in to eat at Mary's. I had Chicken yum yum. Just after we got in the hose it started to rain real hard and the wind started up.

Oct. 15th - We went to Smokey's for coffee then I went to the library to read my emails and the Mcrocks board. We went to Gem Mountain for awhile.

Oct. 16th - We went to Smokey's for coffee then I went to the library to read my emails and the Mcrocks board. We went to the Sink Hole Mine at 10:00 Am. When we got there I took pictures and started to bust up rocks looking for Apatite and what ever else I could find. Well we busted and busted rock but no Apatite. Just small garnets and one rock with some purple looking stuff on it. I don't know what it is. The day was clear and cool, just the way I like it LOL. We spent four hours there looking. Then we decided to go to see Ira Johnson at his gem shop but we had just missed him by an hour. So we drove around looking for some new places to look for minerals on the way back to Donna's home.

Sink Hole Mine Dump.

Oct. 17th - We went to Smokey's for coffee then I went to the library to read my emails and the Mcrocks board. We took Donna to MT Mitchell today to see the fall colors and to tale pictures of the are. By the time we got there the area was starting to cloud in so we couldn't see Grandfather MT. Real good. We got back home around 4:00 PM.

The view from MT. Mitchell NC This is the highest point in the eastern part of the US.

Oct. 18th - We went to Smokey's for coffee then I went to the library to read my emails and the Mcrocks board. Man I can't believe that it's the 18th all ready. We are heading to the Franklin Gem Show today. We stopped on the way down at a flea market and I bought Randy his Birthday gift, an Angle that lights up. Then we stopped at the Farmers Market in Asheville at 9:00 AM to get Tomato's, Apples and Oranges. We arrived in Franklin, NC at 10:30 AM. We stopped at a Gem Shop just on the north side and I bought a piece of Bytownite that will facet a stone of about 15 CTS. Then we arrived at the Gem Show to Ed Dibble but we got there early so we walked around and I bought a pack of Zip lock bags and a new 10X lop. Then I went and looked for the dealer that sales Gems there every year to buy a piece of Tsavorite Garnet. I stopped by a table where a guy was selling gem trees just to see what he was charging for them. (I'm buying on from Cindy Maddox and the get together. I found the dealer that sales the gems and bought two pieces of Tsavorite Garnets and he gave me a piece of color change garnet as a thank you for buying from him. He has done this every time I bought from him. At 12:30 PM we bought burgers and a drink. Ed got there after 1:00 PM and we said hi to each other and he had to show me his latest work with PMC. (Polly meir Clay) - not sure of the spelling. It looks great ED. We talked till around 3:00 PM then we headed back to Burnsville, NC. Every thing was going great till we got to the exit of 19E going to Burnsville. The van started to heat up so we pulled over to let it cool down and check it out. We deiced it was the thermostat. So after it cooed down some we took of and went a few miles till we had to pull over and let cool down. Well we did this all the way back to Burnsville. It took us a hour and a half longer then it should of. So Monday we have to take the van in to Ted and have him put in a new thermostat. Donna had order some Pizza's for supper yummy yummy. Our niece and her family came over to visit and we played cards.

Oct. 19th - We went to Smokey's for coffee and to shot the bull LOL with the locals.

Oct. 20th - We went and took our van in to get it fixed at Ted's. It turned out to be what I thought it was the thermostat. The brother-in-law stopped by to see how it was going and I talked him in to taking us to Smokey's for coffee. Ted got it fixed by 11:00 AM. I went to the library to read my emails but the Internet was down. Mike Streeter called while we where getting our van fixed so I had to call him back when I got home. We talked about when to meet and He asked about going with us to Mason Mountain Mine on Wednesday. So I said I'd call Tim Baker and ask if it was ok for Mike to come along. I finally got Tim at 2:30 PM and he yes. Then I called Mike back to let him know that it would have to be on Thursday in stead of Wednesday.

Oct. 21st - We went to Smokey's for coffee, then I went to the library to read my emails and the Mcrocks board. Donna wants to go to Gem Mountain today so I'll take her there. Well on the way to Gem Mountain the Van started to over heat again. Man you talk about bad luck we are having it this week. We went to several places to about fixing the van but no one had time to work on it and each one said something different about what is wrong with it. So we are going to take it to the Ford garage to find out what is the trouble. I hope it's not the head gaskets.

Oct. 22nd - We took the van in to have it checked out. They said that the clutch fan is bad so we had them put in a new one along with a new belt. After two and a half-hours we went to Smokey's for coffee and then to the library to read my emails and the board. While I was there Randy took the van out for a test drive and it was still over heating. We went to Spruce Pine to have a flow check done but the shop was closed. Man you talk about bad luck. So we went to Celo to a radiator shop there and he didn't have that tool. So back to the Ford garage and we decided to have the radiator replaced. So tomorrow morning we have to bring it in. After I got home here I called Tim to give him the bad news then I had to call Mike Streeter and give him the bad news.

Oct. 23rd - We went to Smokey's for coffee before the van had to go in. We got to the Ford dealer at 8:00 AM and they started to work on it. They put in a new radiator and found that the ideal pulley was going out to. So we had them put in a new one. They got done at 11:00 AM and we paid the bill of $180.67 and took it out for a test run. Yea hooo they got it fixed. We took Donna to Gem Mountain and then to Wally World LOL.

Oct. 24th - We left at 8:30 AM to take Donna down to the VA in Asheville NC. I dropped her off and then went over to the KOA campsite to visit with the gang. I showed Wa9ne, Dave and Jack the best piece of Beryl that I found in the Brushy Creek Aquamarine Mine. I had Wa9ne call Mike Streeter to tell him I was there.( here is the whole story on this - Wayne telephoned Mike from the KOA on Friday, October 24th and told Mike that Gemhunter told him to call to let him know that I had to run out to the VA Hospital but would be back soon and that'd I'd see him at the KOA later that afternoon. Mike was heading out to the KOA to meet Wayne, Carl, Dave T. and the rest of the crew anyway so Mike said that he'd see Jim out there when he got back. One problem though: Mike couldn't remember ever meeting a Jim Hunter. Mike telephone Chrissy his wife to let her know that he was heading out to the KOA. While he had her on the phone he asked her if she remembered meeting a Jim Hunter. She laughed and asked Mike if Wayne meant Gemhunter? Of course he did! With his southern accent, Mike thought that Wayne had said Jim Hunter instead of Gemhunter. HA - problem solved! Mike felt a little silly for being so dense but he was relieved that he didn't have to go out to the KOA and pretend to know Jim Hunter. And now you have the rest of the story!)  I went back to the VA to get Donna at 11:30 AM and then went back to the KOA. After we got back there Mike showed up. We talked about different mines to go to and joked around a bit LOL. Dave and Jack decided to go to the Wood Mine for a few hours. Wa9ne is not feeling 100% yet and stayed back. We left there around 5:00 PM and stopped at Arbys for some beef sandwiches. We got home at 6:30 PM.

Oct. 25th - We went down to Smokey's for coffee and to talk with the locals. We got home at. 9:30 AM from there. I had to get the Cheese and sausage cut up yet before went to Asheville for the get together. We left for Asheville at 11:30 AM; we stopped at a flea market on the way down to pick up a fiber optic lighted humming Bird. We got to the KOA around 12:30 to 1:00 PM. Later I found out that the guys left just before we got there. No one was around so we waited for the girls to get back. A short time later there came Patty, Mary, Cindy and Jack's wife. I helped them unload the car. After every thing was put away we talked till the guys and RD's two girls got back from collecting near by for Kyanite and #9. I asked Cindy to show me her Gem Trees and I bought this in the picture below. Patty gave me four jars of jam she had made. Thank you patty.  They got in around 3:00 PM or so. I went over to see what they found and said my hello's to every one. We all sat around telling rock collecting story's waiting for the rest of the gang to show up. I want to say thank you to the galls, Patty, Mary and the others for getting every thing ready for the meal. Mary went around with plates of cheese that I brought down and it all went. After awhile Wayne and Ron cooked the meat. Some of us got out our trading minerals for trade and started trading. Dave T. stopped us all to say a prayer before we eat. We had Brats, hot dogs, hamburger, beans, potato chips, pickles, my cheese and sausage, pies and cakes etc. There was around 25 people that showed up this time and three dogs LOL. We left for home around 7:30 PM and got home at 8:20 PM.

Oct. 26th - We went down to Smokey's for coffee and to talk with the locals. It's raining today and we are starting to get our things put together for packing up in the van for our trip home.

Oct. 27th - We're going down to Smokey's for coffee and then to the library to read the McRocks board and my emails. Then we have to start packing the van for the long trip home. I'm sure going to miss this place. Oh well till next spring any ways. KOR

Oct. 28th We left Burnsville, NC at 7:00 AM for Henderson, KY. It only took us 7 hours to get there.

Oct. 29th We left Henderson, KY at 6:00 AM. I drove the first 6 hours and then I let Randy dive the other 5 hours home.

Check out these Minerals that I got from our swap meets this year.

Minerals 03


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