Gems & Minerals That I Bought & Traded

In The Fall Of 2003


Amethyst Glass from Harry Polly

Blue Glass from Harry Polly

Calcite from Gary Maddox

Calcite from Gary Maddox

Calcite from Gary Maddox

Chromian from Ron Maddox

Emerald Glass from Harry Polly

I found this in the Sink Hole Mine NC

Halls Gap KY Geodes that I found

Geode from Halls Gap from Everett Harrington

Kyanite from Mike Streeter

light green glass from Harry Polly

linanite after pyrit from Harry Polly

Marble from NC by Mike Streeter

not sure what this is?

Patty's river agate

from Ron Maddox

Synthatic Ruby from Everett Harrington

Tasverite & Color Change Garnets

Whale bone from Harry Polly


Check back often for up dates here. I will be putting up more pictures as I have time.



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