A Day With The Diamond Hunters At Hawkins, WI


It was 3:00 Am and I was awoken by Randy wondering if we are going to stop to eat on the way up to Hawkins, WI. I told him yes we are stopping and to go to bed. Well after that I couldnít sleep and just laid there for over a hour cussing about how Randy woke me and now he is sleeping like a log. So I finally got up at 4:30 AM and got ready for our trip up to meet with the Diamond Hunters for a day to look for rocks in a gavel pit.


We didnít have to be there till around 9:00 Am so we left here at 5:16 AM after we finished packing up the Van. We got up to Wausau, WI and stopped at Anneís Restaurant for some coffee and grub. We got out of there by 7:00 Am and were on our way to Hawkins, WI.


We got to the campground that the Diamond Hunters where at by 8:38 AM. Donna offered us some food but we told her we had eaten all ready in Wausau. The host showed us what we will be looking for and what she had found over at the pit. By 9:00 AM we all where in our cars ready to go look for some great rocks.


The pit was just down the road a ways and it was in no time and we all where pulling in to the pit. We all got out and kids started to run looking for good Agates and what ever else they could find. One of the boys found the first agate right away and it was a beautiful Lake Superior Agate.


I grabbed my pail and off I went down in to the pit a looking. The first piece I found was a Agate but it was not a Laker. L I slowly made my way to the other end of the pit where there was fresh gravel moved around. I started to find Jasper and several colors and I had folks coming over to ask what this was and what that was. So it kept me busy all morning.


After about a hour or so My pail was all most full so I thought I better make my way back up to the van to empty it. LOL Well as I stopped at times to look and rest my arm Iíd find more rocks to put in the pail. By the time I got back to the van I thought my right arm was a foot longer then my left arm. LOL So of the other folks started to come back too with pails full. We showed each other what we had found so far.


It started to get mighty hot in the pit and every one was getting tiered but the young boys. Donna friend wanted to show us all the big Agate she had found just a few feet away from where Mel and Carolyn had found theirs the year before. Man the one is a begin and a real nice blue in color. I didnít take my camera in there to see it and whished I had done so. It got to be around 1:00 Pm and we said our good byes to the group along with a few others and was off to our land about a hour north of there.


We spent the night at out trailer and looked around the area for lakes to go fishing the next time we get up there with my boat. We left our land at 6:30 AM to stop in for some java at the local restaurant in town there at Park Falls, WI. We got home around 12:15 Pm and unpacked to poor van to relive it of the weight of all them rocks we fond. I could hear the van a moaning a siy of relief LOL.


Some of the rock hunters.

The host with Donna Nolte and her friend.

This is the end of the pit where I filled my pail all most up.

Some of the rock hunters.

One of the big rocks in the pit.

More of the cars and a family that came to hunt.

Some of the cars and a old rock crusher.

One of my Pails