Wausau Prospectors MI Outing


We left home on Thursday Morning at 7:00 AM for Randy was wanting to get up to the camp ground to set up before the rain got real bad. O)ur first stop was at Cops Food store for some things we still needed for up there. Then we stopped at Lee Garton's home to lead him up there, this was his first time up to the UP of MI for a Copper hunt. Our next stop was at Bruce Crossings for breakfast. We got in to Hancock around 12:00 to check in. It took us some time to set up both camp sites but I must say the big tarps kept us dry all weekend.

After we got set up we went to the Central Mine to look for copper. Randy and Rick went to the north pile to look and we saw Randy on top of the tailing pile. When we where ready to leave Randy was still on top and we honked the horn and he came to edge of the pile and we waved for him to come down so we could leave. The next thing we Randy disapird and it turn out he slide down the pile. LOL.

Then we went to get permission from the owner of the Phoenix Mine for our Club to go in to look for copper minerals. She gave us permission to go in so we decided to check it out and while I was sitting in a chair I found a real nice Green stone.

Next we headed to the Wolverine Mine for copper and copper included agates. I found some agates and every one had a great time.

We headed back to camp to get super and to meet the other members that was coming in for the weekend hunt. On the way back some of us stopped at the Fish Market to pick up some smoked fish to nibble on back at camp. The fish was great.

These are some of the happy campers(I'm sorry to the ones that I didn't get pictures of your camp sites.

After super we talked to the other members and all of a sudden we got a big rain storm that came in with high winds and heavy rains. Our tarps held up and we stayed nice and dry. It rained for quit some time. We got to bed around 11:30 MI time.

On Saturday morning we got ready for the day hunting at the Cliff Mine. We meet at the beach before we left for the big hunt. At 8:15 AM we left for the Cliff Mine and we had a nice convoy of cars & trucks going down the road.

Around 1:00 PM some of us went back to the Central Mine and some of us went back to the Phoenix Mine for a few hours. Around 3:00 some of us had to head back to camp and get the grills hot and cook Hamburgers and Hot dogs for hungry ones. Super was ready around 6:00 Pm. We had a great meal with lots of good food that every one had brought to share with us all. It was a great cookout and the rain held off till after about 9:00 PM when we all was at the camp fire. I want to thank every one for coming to make this another great outing for the Wausau Prospectors. I all so want to thank Randy, Lee, Rick and Peggy, Gordy and his wife, Dennis and Janice, Bill and who ever I missed that help set up for the cook out and cooked the food