Vulcan Quarry Oshkosh, WI Dig 2006


It all started back a few weeks ago when I got a invite from Cori Ann Nelson (she belongs to the Oshkosh Earth Science Club, Oshkosh, Wisconsin) on the Rockhounds list. I right away sent a copy of this to Everett thinking he would be interested in coming to this dig. He said he'll be glade to come. Cori Ann Nelson was the leader of this great trip and I want to thank her for inviting us all to come along.

                    I was half a sleep when all of a sudden the alarm went of at 5:00 AM. I climbed out of bed and called Randy to get up and then got dad up for our hour drive down to Oshkosh, WI to go to the Vulcan Quarry for a dig with the Oshkosh rock club. We was on our way to the dig at 5:39 AM. We got in to Oshkosh at 7:02 AM. I looked at the sky and it looked like it was going to rain so I prayed that it would hold off till we got done. We went to the truck stop on hwy 41 & 26 for some coffee to wake up. We got to the Vulcan Quarry at 7:30 and no one else was there yet. Everett and his mom showed up around 8:00 AM. We said are hellos and all and waited for other people to show up. We had to wait till 8:00 AM for every one else to show up. People came from all over the place like Everett and his mom from MI, A family came from MO, a family from MN and others from all over WI. I don't know how many people came.

Well at 8:30 we finally got to go in after we all signed our waver. One of the workers led us to the spot we was to dig at. When we all got down there and parked our cars. A man with a bachelors degree told where to stay away from and where we can dig. The south wall was a no no. They let us lose and we all scattered in different directions. I headed to the west wall with others and Everett and his mom. Right away I started to find vogs in the rock and started to trim them up that I wanted.

Around 10:00 Barb came to show us a rock with Marcasite that was found by the north wall. So a group of us headed over there and we was told they would bring a bucket full over to the group for us to go through. The big loader came and dumped it's load and when he was done we went over to the pile and started to find great specimens. Around 11:30 we was told to start loading up our finds to head out. After the dig we all went to the South Park for a rock trade and to show off what we all found. Everett did you ever find your chisel? When I got home I had to take some pain killer. We had a great time today digging and busting up rocks.

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