Upper MI Outing July 2014

Wednesday July16th

We left home at 7:00 AM to meet up with Lee & Shirley. We stopped in Antigo for propane for the camper. We got to Leeís home by 8:00 AM. We stopped to eat at Bruce Crossing at 10:00 AM. By 1:00 we got to the Hancock City Campground and started to set up. By 4:30 PM we were just about done setting up and waiting for Dennis & Janice to get here.

Thursday July 17th

We slowly got up around 8:00 AM I was up at 6:30 AM and had breakfast of eggs & beacon. Then we talked about what mines we should hit. We decided on going to the Cliff Mine first and did find copper, calcite with copper in and even a chisel point. Next we went to the Phoenix store to get permission to go in to the mine site. We got to the around 2:00 PM and stayed till 4:00 PM. Randy did the best wit some real nice copper pieces. On the way back to camp we went to check out the Rock shop and then we went to check out the Wolverine Mine. We got back to camp around 5:00 PM.

One of the Cliff Mine Dumps


Randy's copper from the Phoenix Mine dump


Friday 18th

We got up around 7:00 AM and had breakfast of eggs & bacon. The first mine we went to was the Delaware Mine, we didnít find much but I find some Green Stone. The next mine we stopped at was the St. Clair Exploration Mine, I found some Green Stone, some found some real nice copper. The we went to the Phoenix Mine, Randy did real good with copper. We were all hot and tired so we went back to camp, on the way back we stopped at the Rock Shop then to the Wooden Spoon for some homemade bread and Jam yum yum. We eat and then folks started to show up for the big dig on Saturday. We didnít get to bed till around midnight LOL.



The Delaware Mine dump

  The ST. Clair Mine Exploration Mine dump

Gary found a drill rod at the Phoenix Mine

Saturday 19th

We got up early and Randy & Guy left for the Phoenix Mine. The rest of us left camp at 8:45 AM for the Phoenix Mine. Around 1:00 PM we left for the Cliff Mine, four of us went up to the top to the Cliff Miff #4, Dan found a real nice drill rod. We left there for camp at around 3:30 PM for the cook out.

The Phoenix Mine dump

The Cliff Mine dump

The Cliff Mine #4 dump on top of the cliff