My 2002 North Carolina Mining Trip !

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On Oct. 3rd we started out buy Going to Horicon, WI at 11:00AM. We stayed at our sisters place over night.

On Oct.4th We headed out at 5:00AM for KY and arrived at 3:30 PM. We stayed there at our other sisters home.

On Oct. 5th We left there at 8:00 AM for Burnsville North Carolina. We arrived at 4:30 PM.

On Oct. 6th We went to Rio Docís to do a bucket of Gems (I paid $25.00 for it - not worth it at all Oh well live and learn)

On Oct. 7th We took Donna to the VA in Johnson City TN.

On Oct. 8th I went to the library to read my emails. I had only a set time to do this in. I canít wait till sis gets a computer. We went to Gem Mountain and I got a $65. Bucket with one stone cut free, Iím having a Garnet that I found at the Brushy Creek Mine, We left there and went to meet with Dave T. and I talked to him a few minutes then I had to get Donna home so she could take her pills.

On Oct. 9th I went to the library to read my emails. Then I went to meet with Dave T. in the afternoon at the South Toe River Campground to discuss what time we where going to go the Ray Mine.

This is Dave's camper at South Toe River Campground.

On Oct. 10th Dave T. came over and picked me up to go to the Ray Mine ( only about 1 mile as the crow flyís from my sister home ) We went to eat breakfast then started for the Ray Mine. We worked it for around four hours and found some Aquamarine and some other things. Later Dave checked one of his stones and seen that it has a Aquamarine crystal in it, We had a good time there. I was sore that night not being use to it LOL.

   Dave Timpany             Me                     The Ray Mine Shaft

These where taken at the Ray Mine 

On Oct. 11th I went to Gem Mountain for the Mine get together, I got there at 9:30 AM and soon after Dave T. came then Tim Baker came. Another couple Bill and His Wife came that Charles said asked about the Mine tour. We left Gem Mountain for Brushy Creek Mine at 10:00 AM. We all had a great time there, Tim and I worked on some big rocks busting them apart to find Aquamarines in them. One piece that I worked on hade Citrine Quartz crystals in it. We found Aquamarine, Black Beryl, Garnets, Citrine Quartz and I found a Golden Beryl :O) . After this trip dad and I went to the South Toe River Campground for a big cookout and to meet Dave T., Wayne and his lovely wife Patty, RD and his lovely family, Ken and his lovely family, Wayne and Ron where to have a pick toes at 20 paces but when Wayne brought out his secret weapon his great rock pick Ron backed out. We had T-bone stakes, salad, corn, the WI Cheeses, sausage and crackers that I barong along, and Pecan Pie ( YUM YUM ) After supper we had a rock swap and shot the bull about rock hunting. This outing was a great success. We all had a great time.    

My cut stones from the Brushy Creek Aquamarine Mine


                    Aquamarine and Garnet          Golden Beryl


Wayne Brantley  Dad             The rock Nuts              Wayne & Patty

These where taken at the South Toe River Campground after the Brushy Creek Aquamarine Mine get together.

On Oct. 12th we went for coffee then to Gem mountain to see if I had a better piece of Aquamarine to cut. I did a #9 bucket. Then we went home to relaxes.

On Oct. 13th we stayed home and played Pinochle.

On Oct. 14th we went shopping for food. LOL

On Oct. 15th it rained all day :O(

On Oct. 16th I went to find the Sink Hole Mine, after I took a picture of it ,it started to rain again what a bummer.

  This is the Dump. This Mine is very old.

On Oct. 17th & 18th we took Donna to the VA.

On Oct. 19th We went to Franklin, NC. First we stopped at Ruby City, I wanted to get a piece of Facetable Ruby but they didnít have none. Then we went to Mason Mountain Mine and I paid $15. For the all day dig and I found Rhodolite Garnet, Sapphires and Rubies. Then we stop at Springview restaurant for diner ( great food ) Then we stopped at the Gem Show and I bought a 10crt facet grade Rhodolite Garnet.

On Oct. 20th & 21st we got rain all the time so we played cards and I went down to read my emails.

On Oct. 22nd I went to read my email then we went to Gem Mountain to say good by till next year. On the way home I had car trouble, the fuel pump started to leak.

On Oct. 23rd I had to get the car fixed. Then I went to read my emails.

On Oct. 24th I went to read my emails and it raid of and on all day. Then we went shopping. I went to find the Carson Rock Mine on HY 80 and found it. Here is the pictures of it.

This Mine was one of the last Mica Mines in this area. One of the tunnels go under the road and river.

On Oct. 25th We headed back for KY we left at 7:00 AM and got to KY around 3:30 PM. We hit rain of and on all the way.

On Oct. 26th we just visited all day.

On Oct. 27th My sister and I went down the drainage ditch and found some petrified wood.

On Oct. 28th It rained all day so we went to town to visit some old friends.

On Oct. 29th We packed up for going home. We headed for home in WI :O( I didn't what to go but the bills had to get paid.

On Oct. 30th We stopped at my sisters place in Horicon WI for the night.

On Oct. 31st. We got home and it took me about a hour to unpack everything.

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