Upper Michigan Minerals

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The Upper Peninsula was part of a magma flow where Copper, Gold and Iron is found today. You can also find Thomsonite, Lake Superior Agates and Jasper.

 This is Thomsonite found along Lake Superior.

This is Copper and Malachite found at the Central Mine in the mine dump on HY 41.


This is Copper From the Central mine south of the Delaware Mine. They say that in about five more years this Mine Dump will be gone for ever because the county is crushing the tailings for road gravel. I will miss this pile for every time we go. We get a 5 quart pail full of Copper specimens.

Here is the picture of the Central Mine Dump.

Copper from the Delaware Mine

Copper from the Mass Mine

Copper from the Phoenix Mine

I have to check this out yet, it is from the upper MI area

This is Prehnite from the Lake Superior area

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  Datolite from the Quincy Mines

Datolite from the Delaware Mine

                    This is Datolite from the Caladonia Mine

                    This is from Marquette Co, MI

                      These are some of the areas where we go looking for Lake Superior Agates


    This is Specular Hematite from the Champion  Mine in the UP




 I got these from Jim Adams of MI. These are from Lake Keslley MI a Diamond pipe area.