June Newsletter 2013

Gold Fever !!!

Tomah Wisconsin GPAA Chapter – June, 2013


Welcome back the 2013 GOLD FEVER Newsletter. The Tomah, Wisconsin GPAA Chapter newsletter is your newsletter, please let me know what you would like to see in it, we hope to bring you more information in the coming year.

I hope you enjoy the information and articles included in this newsletter. You can receive this Newsletter by mail, by either attended a meeting, or sent a book of stamps for postage.

We are also always looking for speakers. If you have taken a trip or just have a story about somewhere, we would like to hear about it. You do NOT need to be an expert speaker; everyone likes to hear about what other members are doing.

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President’s Message

Summer is upon us, it is time for our annual trip to Nugget Lake for our June meeting. Remember no digging in the banks (had to get that one in before I get yelled at again). This is one of my favorite places to go in the state to pan for gold. You can't help but find some even thou it is small at least you know you are going to find something. We will try to have the food ready for a noon lunch instead of one o'clock. I will try to get the park ranger to come and address us this year to tell us all the do's and don'ts of the park and to see that we are not there to strip the park of all its gold. There is a $5 entry fee for each car that enters the park you have to stop at the office there is no longer a free pass if you are over 65. I will have to ask the ranger if we can concentrate some material down to pan at the meeting site since I was told last fall that we weren't supposed to take any dirt home. I will be in site #46

   I talked to the Vernon county parks department about our panning in the creek at Esofea Park for our July meeting. They have no problem with that. We will also be metal detecting so bring your detectors to that one. I have reserved 5 sites so call me if you need a camping site and I will then know if we will need any more than that. A map and direction will be in the July issue. If we don't use all the sites we don't have to pay for them, if we need more and the park is full more than one con be put on a site but you each have to

President’s Letter (cont.)

pay. It is $20 for the electrical site which all of ours are. But If someone tents on your site and doesn't use electricity they only pay $15 for sharing the site with you. I was told they are big sites.

  I think at our May meeting I said that the Northwoods Chapter would be at Nugget Lake the week before us,

meeting June 8  at the small pavilion at 9:30 and going to the river at 10:00 for a group

 The Greenbush chapter is holding an outing at Parrish on June 21-23. It will be similar to the Wausau outing that was in April all are welcome if you want to go. I know I can't make it I have a graduation party to go to.

  Kurt and Barb Bublitz are now in Alaska at Dean Race’s camp. They send update out on their Facebook page good luck to them.

                                                      This got kind of long See you in the creeks, Mike Fait

Tomah Wisconsin GPAA Chapter Minutes for May, 2013

Old Business: The May Meeting was held at the Town Hall at the Town of Lagrange on Route #20 west of Tomah Wisconsin on May 18th. 21 Members attended the May meeting.

Earl Thompson was our speaker. He brought along some homemade gold recovery systems with buckets and stool. Also showed the G-Force Separator form Gold Cube LLC, at P.O. Box 1126, Nicoma Park, OK 73066 or wwwgoldcube.net or 800-649-0256. The G-Force has a buffer plant, slick plate, G-Force separator, Vortex matting and tray. Thank you Earl, you have shown the members that they do not need expensive equipment to find gold.

The new found items: Richard Niemyjski found in late April & early May: Silver plated spoon, Brass Bad Lock, Silver Broach, Toy cannon – made of lead.(same as pictured in Feb. 2013 Lost Treasure magazine on pages 58 & 59. 1958 Silver Dime, 1884 Indian Head Cent, 1955D Wheat Cent, 1934D Wheat Cent, along with 2 clad quarters, 7 clad dimes, 3 nickels, and 35 memorial cents.

Also Richard Niemyjski has a Fisher F-70 metal detector for sale. It is 2 years old and price is $450.00. Call Richard at 608-637-3295. This is your chance to go out and try to find more than Richard does….

New Business :

June’s meeting will be on the 3rd Saturday of June on the 15th at 12:00 noon. In the large pavilion in Nugget Lake County Park.

Guest speaker – No guest speaker this week, just bring along your pans and find some gold at Nugget Lake County Park.

July 19-21 Tomah outing to Esofea Park. The Club has 5 camping sites reserved. Call Mike Fait 715-384-9265 if you would like one of these sites or call (608)637-7335 or (608)637-5485 for your own reservations. The club is in sites #8-12. It is $20 s night for electrical sites and $15 for non-electric. You don't have to pay until you actually use the sites.