Gold Fever !!!

Tomah Wisconsin GPAA Chapter – January, 2014


Welcome to the 2014 GOLD FEVER Newsletter. Another year, another gold prospecting opportunity. If you have not tried to find gold, you need to give it a try. Let us know if you need help to get started, there are many people with experience that the help you.

The Tomah, Wisconsin GPAA Chapter newsletter is your newsletter, please let me know what you would like to see in it, we hope to bring you more information in the coming year. I hope you enjoy the information and articles included in this newsletter. You can receive this Newsletter by mail, by either attended a meeting, or sent a book of stamps for postage.

We are also always looking for speakers, we need to help out our great president (Mike Fait). He has been putting the programs together with very little help. If you have taken a trip or just have a story about somewhere, we would like to hear about it. You do NOT need to be an expert speaker; everyone likes to hear about what other members are doing.

Do not forget the Newsletter and pictures can always be found at:

President’s Message

Looking back on the year past.

January started off with Phil Oliver teaching us how to grade and price agates. Then on the way home I blew out the head gasket on my Grand AM. It was very windy that night and we didn't have much snow yet.

    February found Dean Race in town to show us his camp in Chicken AK. And offer all of us an opportunity to go there to mine for gold.

     In March you had to listen to me talk about how to read a river to find gold.

     April brought Doug and Betty Maeder to town to show us metal detectors and fill us with stories about finding treasure and rings. At the end of the month I went to the springtime in Parrish outing and got stuck in the snow. I found my first gold of the year and had a great time getting out with fellow prospectors.

     In May Earl Thompson came and demonstrated his gold cube and show off his home made mining equipment.

     June found us at Nugget Lake County Park for a picnic and gold panning.


President Letter (cont.)

July was another outing this time to Esofea County Park and the Viroqua fairgrounds for some metal detecting and camping.

     August was the GPAA gold expo in Pecatonica, IL. Go "Pretzels"!

     September we returned to the meeting hall and Reminisced about our summer prospecting's and trips.

     In October we had elections and also Wanda and Johann Riel came to talk about their dealings with the DNR and the state legislature and what they are trying to accomplish for all prospectors in the state.

     November brought Doug Moore in with an excellent slide show and lector about Thunder eggs. He has been all over the U.S. and to Germany looking for and finding them.

     Then just last month Steve Miller came in to talk about his metal detecting finds and also his trip to England metal detecting.

     Capt'n Bob Minshall a member of our club from the beginning is going thru some rough times and could use all our prayers towards a fast recovery.

      Thank you Dustin Murphy for volunteering to be the club librarian. (Diane list him in with the officers I don't have a phone #)

      It was a big year I hope I found something to interest you all. Now I just have to do it again.

                                                                                Happy New Year   Mike Fait

Tomah Wisconsin GPAA Chapter Minutes December, 2013

Old Business:

The December meeting was held at the Town Hall at the Town of Lagrange, 22731 Flint Ave. on Route #21 west of Tomah Wisconsin on December 21st. 21 members and guests attended the December meeting.

Steve Miller was the speaker at the December meeting. He had a lot of examples of what he has found over the years with his metal detector. He has found a lot of rings in and around the water, coins/tokens, copper culture items, civil ware finds in Virginia and trade knives. Thank you Steve for a great program.

Steve also spoke about his trip to England to do metal detecting. He was with a group of 7 people that was metal detecting for 2 weeks. They were taken to open fields, and indicated that artifacts could be found in any of the fields. They were hunting on private property about 1 ½ hour northeast of London, and had to wear rubber boots, because of the weather. The finds were kept in England, until their value is determined and that value would then be divided with the property owner. You can find out more information on a trip to England at

New Business:

January’s meeting will be on the 3rd Saturday of January on the 18th at 1:00 pm. Please bring a dish to pass for lunch.

Guest speaker Dean Race of Goldfever prospecting will be here to talk about his claims In Chicken Alaska on the South Fork of the Forty Mile River.

Donations to the raffle were from: Dave Bender, Dan Koehler, Steve Miller, Kim Mickelson, Diane Kollins, Robert Wysocky, Wayne Ellefson, Diane North, Perry Brown, and Barb Bublitz hope I didn't miss anyone.


Door Prize Hams – Merlin Meyer & Diane North

50/50 raffle winner – Kim Mickelson

Gold raffle winners: Wayne Ellefison and Merlin Meyer

Gold Price on 12/31/13 was $1,205.50 Silver Price on 12/31/13 was $19.48

Respectfully submitted by Diane North – Secretary & Newsletter Editor

State Treasures – Minnesota

Anthony M. Belli
From page 28 of the August, 2012 issue of Lost Treasure
Copyright © 2012 Lost Treasure, Inc. all rights reserved


Pet’s Gold
OTTER TAIL COUNTY – This lead appears for the first time in a treasure hunting publication, as far as I could determine.
I acquired this new lead while data mining the Internet for lost or buried treasures in Minnesota and found it on the Pelican Rapids Chamber of Commerce’s website.
According to this old legend, a Swedish immigrant named Pet Johnson, also known as Pet Kronquist, arrived in Minnesota in 1886 and settled on a farm northeast of Erhard.
Many years later, Johnson suddenly took ill and was resting at home in bed.
That evening Johnson called his family to his bedside to tell them something important.
By now Johnson was weak and struggled to get his breath. His family helped the old man sit upright and, after clearing his throat, Johnson said… "The gold, the gold is buried…" just then the family hears Pet draw is last breath and, without uttering another word, his head falls to the pillow as the Swede passes from this world.
Having never heard anything previously about Pet’s gold, the family was bewildered and confused.
Some family members were angry at not being told earlier; arguing that if Pet had let someone else in on the secret the family could’ve already retrieved their fortune.
Instead Pet’s intended gift now cursed the family who spent the rest of their lives searching for it, though none of it could be found.
Arlo Lund owned the property some years ago and he’d heard the story from Bill Toso who’d grown up as a boy living next door.
Toso thought Johnson may have been tied in with Jessie James somehow, but there is no supporting evidence that can confirm this.
Lund also spent much of his time looking for Johnson’s lost hoard, but like the others, never did find anything.
Local research will help locate Johnson’s original property lines. And remember, it is your responsibility to obtain permission from the landowner today before entering private property to search.

Items for Sale:

Tomah Gold Club t-shirts – with Gold Club emblem and created either with your personal name or without your name. Contact Mike Fait if you are interested.

Officers – all officers were re-elected for 2014.

President – Michael Fait ( 715-384-9265

Vice-President – Gary Morrison 715-316-2160

Secretary – Diane North ( 608-635-7031

Treasure – Gayle Fait ( 715-384-9265

Outing Chairman – Richard Niemyjski ( 608-637-3295

Claims Director – Richard Niemyjski ( 608-637-3295

State Director – Mike Flint ( 608-372-0694

Upcoming Events

January 4, 2014 – Wausau Prospector Meeting – Cedar Creek Mall in Wausau – 11:00 am

January 18, 2014 - Tomah Club Meeting at Town of LaGrange Town Hall – at 1:00 pm – Meeting and Christmas Party.  

February 1, 2014 - Wausau Prospector Meeting – Cedar Creek Mall in Wausau – 11:00 am

March 22-23 - Greenbush gold and treasure show in Sheboygan Falls, WI.

Wisconsin Area Clubs

Greenbush Wisconsin GPAA Chapter – holds their meetings on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 3:00 pm in the Greenbush Town Hall, N644 Sugarbush Rd, Greenbush Wi. – Contact: Ron Smith 920-207-4092

Midstate Metal Detecting Club – meets every 3rd Wednesday at 7:00 pm at Shooters Bar and Restaurant at the intersection of Hwy 39 and 54, next to the Shell Station. Contact: Steve Miller 715-572-1845

Wausau Prospectors – meets the 1st Saturday of the month at 11:00 am in the community room at Cedar Creek Mall next to I-39 just north of Gander Mountain. Take I-39 exit 185. Contact: Kurt Bublitz 715-340-2831 or e-mail

Wisconsin Northwoods Adventures GPAA Chapter – holds their meetings on the 2nd Saturday of every month at 11:00 am, at B.S. on Main, 34 N Main St. Rice Lake, Wi. Contact: Mike Wiersma 715-833-7603