Gold Fever!!!      

Tomah Wisconsin GPAA Chapter – February 2017


Welcome to the 2017 GOLD FEVER Newsletter.  Another year, another gold prospecting opportunity.  If you have not tried to find gold, you need to give it a try.  Let us know if you need help to get started, there are many people with experience that the help you.

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President’s Message

Hi all great meeting in January. Thank you Wayne Ellefson for telling us about your trips to England metal detecting. Lots of interesting finds.

Can't wait for spring. My eye is getting back to normal after my surgery, but I will still need to wear glasses. I will need a lesser prescription in my left eye then before but I currently can't read anything with that eye.

  Before Christmas I ordered some paydirt from Miner Mikes Paydirt.. He has a good website and was in business for 15 years. He send an email back that the gold paydirt was shipped, I never got it. Emailed him back and he said he would look into it and get back to me haven't heard from him again despite repeated emails.

Was doing some research on paydirt companies and found the website  Under it says “Warning, I have gotten a lot of emails lately that this seller is not shipping and isn't answering emails including mine.”   So I was not the only one he took money from I am currently contesting the payment with Visa.  Can only hope that I get my money back.

  I have reserved a site already at Nugget Lake for June 16-17. I am in site 55 this year it is right on the end by the play area. Gary has reserved the large pavilion down by the lake for Saturday. And said all the cabins were rented for that weekend on the first day they were available.

  See you at the February meeting, drive safe Mike Fait



Upcoming Events

 February 4, 2017 – Wausau Club Meeting – Alaska Gold by Dean Race – at 11:00 am

February 18, 2017 - Tomah Club Meeting at Town of LaGrange Town Hall – at 1:00 pm

March 4, 2017 – Wausau Club Meeting – Gold Cube by Kurt Bublitz – at 11:00 am

March 18, 2017 – Tomah Club Meeting at Town of LaGrange Town Hall – at 1:00 pm

June 17, 2017 – Tomah Club Meeting at Nugget Lake – more details to follow.

July 15, 2017 – Tomah Club Meeting at Muskellunge Lake, Mich. – more details to follow.

Tomah Wisconsin GPAA Chapter Minutes January, 2017


Old Business:                                                                                                                                                              

The December meeting was held at the Town Hall at the Town of Lagrange, 22731 Flint Ave. on Route #21 west of Tomah Wisconsin on January 21st,   23 members and guests attended.

Christmas gifts were exchanged and Wayne Ellefson spoke about his trip to England to metal detect.  He used a Fisher F75 metal detector, because it is very light.  He found a log of coins, a bell 1700’s ink well, etc.  He was with a tour group with  The tour guide was very knowledgeable about English history and the English laws, pertaining to metal detecting.   Thank you Wayne it was very informative.

New Business:

Next meeting February 18th at the Lagrange Town Hall at the Town of Lagrange, 22731 Flint Ave. on Route #21 west of Tomah Wisconsin at 1:00pm.  

 We do not have a speaker yet.  If you have something you can demonstrate/talk about/discuss/etc.  Please feel free to volunteer to speak to the group.


Thank you to all that donated items for the Table Raffle – Gary & Jeanie Morrison, Mike & Gail Fait, Diane & Bill North, Jeff Hastings, John Schwingle, Steve Miller, Diane Kollins, Jack Card, & Jack Jasinski.  Sorry I missed anyone who donated.  Thank you to all. 

50/50 raffle winner – Barb Bublitz

Gold raffle winners:   Nugget – Diane Kollins 

Gold Concentrates - Wayne Ellefson

Gold Price on 2/1/17 was $1,209.60               Silver Price on 2/1/17 was $17.51

Respectfully submitted by Diane North – Newsletter Editor


The Helical Flow Effect

  What Are Some Other Clues To Look For?

 Gravel and Sand - Gravel to sand deposits in neatly sorted sizes is often a visible indicator of the action of a helical flow and for that matter other types of flow as well, such as traps or turbulent eddies.

River Cuts - River cut terraces are often found where the edge or stair like terrace lip. This lip is much easier to see at a distance and than it is close-up. This is because of the long ridgeline that it leaves along the edge of the river canyon is usually pretty small in height but visible along its great length at a distance. It is this ridgeline that can also be left high and dry in the case of a high bench gold deposit. Look up hill too; you may see an ancient bench deposit with the same type of river cut terrace and rounded gravels.

Trash Clues - What you're looking for specifically, in the way of trash clues, is any heavy flood debris or material along the outside border forming in areas where high flows would've pushed the water to in extreme flooding conditions, up near those river cut ridges.

Bedrock Depth - It's important to note the bedrock depth through the overlying overburden material. This overburden is the rock sand and gravel above bedrock and the pay layers. You need to know the depth to bedrock because you want to get within 1 to 2 feet of bedrock in most cases to identify these pay layers where gold nuggets and coarse gold will form paystreaks. Of course clay layers and hardened rock deposits within the overburden can also act as false bedrock under the right conditions and so you will want to identify those on your map as well.

Cracks, Boulders and Other Gold Traps - Cracks, boulders, fissures in the creek bed slate beds and bedrock outcroppings can all form gold traps. Material that will disturb flow will also act to capture gold and concentrate it too.

Diversions to High Flow - Anything that acts to alter high flow conditions will also alter the direction of helical flows and even the formation of them if they form a sufficient disturbance to that flow which is almost always going to happen. One thing to watch for is large disturbances and note them on your map. Think about how those disturbances would change the flow and in which direction.

Narrowing or Widening of High Flow - Narrowing of the flow for a given depth of flow is going to speed up the stream. Widening of the flow for a given depth is going to slow it down. Anything that slows the flow will tend to drop gold out. Anything that speeds the flow up will tend to push gold downstream, that's a pretty standard rule in prospecting.

This set of placer gold prospecting clues for you to look for ought to get you going for now. There's too much additional detail to cover regarding other clues that you may need to be aware of when prospecting. That much extra material I can't cover in this quick prospector's report. My goal here is specifically to explain what helical flow does to form gold paystreaks and how you can use that knowledge.  To accelerate your prospecting success, the best place to start your gold prospecting efforts is getting good site information through detailed historical research.

Prospector Jess -

Officers – elected for 2017.

President – Michael Fait ( 715-384-9265                                                                                                             (Cell phone to be used only on meeting days = 715-305-8319)

Vice-President – Gary Morrison 715-316-2555

Secretary – Jeanne Morrison 715-316-2555

Newsletter Editor - Diane North ( 608-635-7031

Treasure – Gayle Fait ( 715-384-9265

Outing Chairman – Jeff Hastings (  (608) 637-3097

Claims Director – Richard Niemyjski ( 608-637-3295

State Director – Mike Flint ( 608-372-0694

Wisconsin Area Clubs

Greenbush Wisconsin GPAA Chapter – Greenbush Prospectors meet every second Saturday of the month at Salem United Methodist Church   120 Sheboygan St.    Fond Du Lac, WI. 54935 (change of time) 1:00 PM Meetings

Midstate Metal Detecting Club – meets every 3rd Wednesday at 7:00 pm at Shooters Bar and Restaurant at the intersection of Hwy 39 and 54, next to the Shell Station.  Contact: Steve Miller 715-572-1845

Wausau Prospectors – meets the 1st Saturday of the month at 11:00 am at the Village Town Hall in Brokaw Wisconsin. Address is: 218 2nd St., Brokaw, WI. Take US 51 north of Wausau and take exit 197. Then go east on county road WW. At the 4 way stop in Brokaw take a right. You are there (just past the Credit Union).  Contact:  Kurt Bublitz 715-340-2831 or e-mail

Wisconsin Northwoods Adventures GPAA Chapter – holds their meetings on the 2nd Saturday of every month at 11:00 am, at the Cameron Community Center, 512 W. Main Street, Cameron, WI. Contact Dave “Wire” Heinsohn (715) 353-2261