Help change Wisconsin prospecting regulations


I will introduce myself
My name is Bill Voigt from Tomahawk Wi.   I am a member  of the Wisconsin Prospectors .com club.  club name Prospectorbill 
my email
I have been in contact with and personally know Wisconsin state representative Don Friske and have spoken with him about changing the regs in the state in regards to recreational prospecting.  He has been receptive to looking into getting some regulation changes for prospecting in the state.
I am requesting that you contact your members and email him to show our support for changing the regs.   The more email the better.  He will use emails to support the change in regs 
His email Address
Here is a copy of what I emailed to him
I wanted to get a chance to talk with you about changing some laws/regulations on recreational prospecting.  All of Wisconsin's laws/regulations are focused on big mining operations.   I am talking about using a gold pan, sluice box, small highbanker or a small suction dredge.   The DNR requires a prospecting permit.   To obtain a permit from the DNR you have to apply for a permit for a specific location, file a plan for that location, post a bond, file a environmental impact statement and have a public hearing   Again this is tailored to big mining operations.  A DNR opinion says that recreational panning is alright but you can't do any prospecting in a trout stream.    I can see having a closed season in a trout stream when the trout are spawning in the fall.  Other states allow prospecting in trout streams and it is actually beneficial to the trout.  It aerates the bottom and creates gravel bars where the trout can spawn and stirs up food out of the gravel for them to eat.  Trout do not spawn on a mud bottom.  I can see a small fee for a statewide permit.  There are many of people that would obtain permits.  
Give me a call so we can discuss this further 
Bill Voigt
Home 453-8368  Cell 612-0396
Another member of our club sent this email
To Don Friske:
Hey Don how's things going? I received an email from Bill V. stating that he had contacted you in regards to the DNR Regs on Prospecting in WI. I just wanted to throw my 2 cents worth at you. I agree with everything that Bill has told you. There's loads of info and studies have been done by major colleges and the EPA. One study by the EPA, done in Alaska, showed NO significant impact to the environment and was beneficial to the aquatic life in that area.
The DNR Regs. on this issue fall short on addressing the needs of us Recreational Prospectors. Changes to the regs could significantly impact WI tourism in a good way. It's not just the 1,000 or so prospectors of Wisconsin who will benefit but also prospectors from the surrounding states will come to Wisconsin for outings and other prospecting related entertainment.
If you would like to learn more on Recreational Gold Prospecting. Let me invite you to an outing that I sponsor called the Ringer Round-up. We have it every Labor Day Weekend at a place called Nugget Lake County Park in Pierce County. It is a county controlled park and is currently the only place in Wisconsin where Recreational Prospectors can go without going through the gauntlet of red tape imposed by the DNR. The event usually runs from Friday Night and ends Labor Day Monday. If you're interested let me know and I'll arrange a campsite for you.
Joe "Ringer" Ringwelski
Tomahawk, WI.