Gems Faceted In 2012

This is my first Gem Stone cut in 2012 It is in honor of my father who passed away in Mach. I designed this one back in 2009 and named it after dad. I call this one Happy_09

This was taken right after it came off the machine. I cut this in a piece of Cristinite by color.

Here is the finished Gem Stone Cristinite by color Green/Pink, 12.55 carts, 14.28 mm

These are pictures of the flash at different settings as you can see it has such a high polish the flash even bounces back at you.



This is a Ruby I'm working on right now. I just finished the preform.


I just finished the pavilion on this Ruby and it turns out it is lead glass filled. What a bummer for this looks nice except for the spider webbing and bubbles in it.