My Bio by Jay E. Bates

I was born in Afton Wyoming and grew up moving around Wyoming, Montana and Colorado. I lived for five years through high school on a farm in Colorado. During grade school I always had a small rock collection. I later graduated from the University  of Wyoming with a dgree in Civil Engineering. After moving around various states I got married and moved to California where I acquired a Rock Rascal and began making some cabochons. I made some memorable trips to the Southern California and Nevada deserts in the pursuit of agates during the seventies. After a hiatus and retirement, I again took up rockhounding in 1997 making many trips to various rockhounding sites in California, Nevada, and Oregon. I have also become interested in making spheres. I have made several homemade sphering machines, a tumbler, and a slab saw. Over the years I have also been interested in fishing, hunting, mountain climbing, skiing, caving, abalone diving, and backpacking. I am also an avid duplicate bridge player going to several tournaments a year. I am hopelessly addicted to McRocks.