My Bio by Herb Bastuscheck


Hi: Herb here from US.
Rocks, artifacts, and fossils have always been an integral part of my life. I got started as a kid looking for all of the above on family farms in central PA. Through all my school years I picked up specimens whenever/wherever I could. Still do! I majored in archaeology with an emphasis in Pac. NW Indian culture. I've been a teacher for 40 years now, and have used my collections frequently with my lessons. I came to Japan over 18 years ago to teach English conversation. Met and married Sachiko Watanabe, a jr hi English teacher, who has become the first jr. hi. principal in this northern area of Honshu. Obviously I stayed on over here. I keep busy with collecting rocks, fossils, and Jomon stone age artifacts. I also do birdwatching outings and fishing/canoeing for very nice native trout. I frequently give demonstrations at local Japanese schools and at the nearby US Air Force base schools. I'm known locally as Mr. B - the fossil/rock guy. I also have found a local beach with a wonderful variety of agates, jasper, chalcedony, pet. wood, jadeite, and some amber, wood, and mammal teeth replaced by chalcedony. I enjoy my life! Herb Bastuscheck