My Bio by Harry Polly


I am Harry Polly, and I live in Hudson, NC. I am 59, and have been collecting since I was 15. I am currently president and field trip chariman of the Catawba Valley Gem & Mineral Club based in Hickory, NC. My main areas of the hobby are in mineral collecting, cutting cabs, and tumbling. I have been married 28 years last month to my wonderful wife, Janice. We have a son, Jon, who is 25 and a Sheltie, Lady, who is 6, and rules us all. I have rocks in my head, my house and around my neck. Janice does not share my love of rocks, but she is fasinated with the beauty of the finished pieces. She does not go on my trips, except some of the long ones, so she can help drive.

I have worked in the automotive parts business since I got out of the Navy in 1969. Had to serve Uncle Sam to keep him quiet. Did my stint in 'Nam back in '66/67. 'Nuff said about that subject. Am in good health except for a bad back. Three surgeries, plu one neck surgery. 'Ol Arthur got hold of me and won't let go. Am very active in my church, where I serve as deacon, and Janice is employed as executive secretary.