Our BIO by Dave & Mary Lane Timpany

I shook the dust from my Massachusetts shoes back in the 50's.  After graduation I had three choices where I was from - Fireman, Policeman, or Fisherman.  So I decided USAF instead.
Mary Lane and I met through Christian Singles on the Internet.  We have been married 5 years and are both retired.  At least as far as social security is concerned.  Having seven kids and their extended families between us keeps activity just that - ACTIVE!!  Along with Christian outreach projects free time needs to be planned very carefully.  Even then, Murphy's Law is prevalent.
After a hobby of woodworking for over 40 years I have turned to rock hounding and lapidary.  Mary Lane makes jewelry.  We both share our interests by combining them to turn out some unique jewelry.  Most of which ends up as gifts.
Our RV affords us the freedom to stay wherever I rock hound and Mary Lane has her supplies along to continue her jewelry interests.  We have no background in geology or mineralogy so cannot discuss the background or naming of the material we find and work with.  All that is important to us is if it is attractive and perhaps unique.
David Timpany