My BIO by Dan Kelly


Bio: Dan Kelly
My name is Dan Kelly, I'm a rockhound and lapidary. I live in Eugene, Oregon. I'm 43, and my significant better half (Becky) goes out with me quite a lot, and every so often her son, Jason goes with us. My real world job is as a designer, tester, and flight consultant for a company that makes centrifuge's, aero-medical, and flight simulators for the US military. We mainly deal in the software end of things, but of course I have to fly test these things every so often.
Back to rocks, Oregon has a wide selection of lapidary rocks, almost daily I find out more about this area, and can't wait to get out in the field to check it out. I love finding a rock that someone else just doesn't get why I would like it, cutting into it, and watching there eyes open, and the light comes on...."Oh, WoW, That's neat. Is it natural?" In Oregon we have a lot of Agate, Obsidian, Jasper, and Thunder Eggs. I never tire of cutting open a new rock to see what nature has created for me. I have been rockhounding about 5 years now, but have always looked at rocks since I was really young, but never knew what they were called till recently. What a fun hobby, you get to walk, carry loads on your back, get saw oil all over the place, rock sludge everywhere, Rocks everywhere, grit everywhere, etc., etc. I love it, wouldn't change a thing. Except of course more rocks.....LoL
So if you are new to the hobby, by all means jump in with both feet, there are always plenty of people to help, all you have to do is ask. Happy Hounding, and KOR (Keep on Rockin)
Rockhounding-----The hunt for the Earth's oldest antiques.