My bio by Carol Poole


I'm Carol Poole. I won't bore ya with all the little details, I was born in Missouri and live here now. Married with two kids. One grown and one in high school and three grandchildren.
I, like many other rock nerds, started young, picking up rocks from the creeks, driveways and those neat little pebbles people landscape with. Where are those rocks now is a mystery, but I would guess they are in my mom's yard, down the register or lost to the vacume cleaner.
Later, much later, I was going through some old stuff from a move, a move that brought his and mine together. Yes, years after we were married we were still going through old boxes, mostly to make room for a wood working shop in the garage. I found a box of quartz crystals and inquired about them. My other half, Jeff Poole, also in the who's who hall of fame, took me to dig for them. As most rockhounds know, once you start collecting again, it's all over, you are hooked.
I started asking loads of questions on Bob's Rock Net. There are a lot of the same people there and here on McRock's, and Mindat, a lot of newbies, and a few that are lost. We all have that one thing in common, we love rocks, that keeps most of us coming back for more. Enough of the mushy stuff,
 A few years later, and a whole lot of questions, and I now not only collect rocks, I make cabochons, and do some lapidary work. I still have the wood shop, a little more cramped now, but I still dabble in it too. The garage is shared with several working hobbies and the lawn equipment, (that I would like to find a new shed for). To see what I currently do you can always go to my web site at:
Carol Poole