My name is Guri Zeigerman. I live in Florida and I started collecting rocks and minerals at the age of 9 when I went on a cave tour at Perry's Cave on South Bass Island in Ohio (Lake Erie) and my dad bought my my first 2 minerals. One was a small piece of Amethyst and the other was a piece of Citrine. From that point on, I was totally hooked.

My uncle further reinforced my love for rocks and minerals. He creates synthetic crystals for use in computer chips, lasers, radiation detectors, etc. He taught me (and is still teaching me) the chemical part of minerals. I work at his shop every summer and always learn more at each visit.

My first ever Rockhounding Field Trip was in March of 2006 at the Ruck's Pit open house. I had a GREAT time. I have to say that was probably the most fun, interesting, educational, and all around best "hang out" time I had ever had. I learned how the clam specimens were formed, I hung out with people that had the same interests I did, I got dirty and found a LOT of clams. It was a great day.

About a year before that trip, I met a rockhound/mineral dealer named Steve Garza on Bob's Rock Talk message board. Since then, I regularly chat with him and he has become someone of a mentor to me. He is extremely intelligent and has taught me quite a lot about rocks and minerals as well as other things such as the answer to why is iron the most common element in the universe. He has been a great friend through the learning process.

I have to say the best part of rockhounding has to be the people. I mean, sure it is fun when you see that glint of crystal or banding of mineral when you are digging, but the most enjoyable part of a field trip, to me, was meeting people. It has always been fun to meet all the knowledgeable people along the way. Mike Streeter, Herb, Tom K, Mr. & Mrs. Richards, Jeff Deere, Don, Everett, Thomas Gordon and his son, among many others that should be on this list.

I do have other hobbies in addition to collecting Rocks and Minerals. I collect Baseball cards and Memorabilia of Jim Thome and Bob Feller. I build model kits of my favorite cars. I have a fish tank, a pond, and 2 fighting fish. This has made me the "fish guy" of the house. I play the guitar and I have my own website called Rockhounding Florida which is all about finding rocks and minerals in the state of Florida.

I am only 16 so this autobiography is still being written as the days go by.

Thanks for Reading

Guri Z.